Calia and Geoff’s Engagement

By: gaiaphotography

Aug 18 2012

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I know I wrote about this a couple posts ago. But I thought I would share an image from the final edits of Calia and Geoff’s engagement. And also add that when I posted the images up to my client page I added a bit of whimsy. In the comment portion of each image, instead of just numbering the images, I wrote them a fairy tale and turned the images of this big event in their lives into a story. The image above is titled: ‘together they will face the dragons and trolls’.

I know I was frustrated by this session as it did not work out as planned, but the images did come out better than I thought they were going to. And after 2 hours of intense editing, I manage to salvage the images from the actual proposal. Whew! So another lesson learned. Don’t give up too soon, you may surprise yourself! And really, the clients enthusiasm over their final images feels pretty darn good too.

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