1920’s Flapper: Adult play is learning too!

Photography: courtesy of Undiscovered Photography


Last Friday I had the joy of getting all dress up- in costume! A few months ago I had the inspiration to dress up like a 1920’s flapper, and have my picture taken against old buildings- for fun. After talking to my friend Courtney, at Undiscovered Photography, we decided to combine this idea with another I had of dressing up and doing pictures together. We settled on Courtney dressing up as an Al Capone style gangster. Tommy gun included…. but we couldn’t find one at a decent price that looked authentic. We had originally planned to do the session back in April, but her business partner, and husband, was away at camp and I had finals while he was home. So, we put it off. And I’m glad we did. While sweating up a storm all dressed in black, including a hot wig, in the hot sun was not idea;, it was better than freezing in that tiny dress and shivering my way though a long session. The image included in this post is the only colour one in the set, and happens to be my favourite. The rest are an old school sepia/B&W mix. You can find the rest of the images here.

You are probably wondering what I’m talking about in the title when I say learning. I have stumbled across a little business lesson. By volunteering for, and creating, sessions in which I can dress up and/or model, I learn a lot about being a great photographer. When I get to experience what it is like to be on the other side of the camera, it reminds me what my clients and subjects feel. The things that frustrate them, and how hard it is to some times get into a pose or stay in it. I learn, here, by doing. And if I can help you, the client, breeze through a session without a care because I remember what it’s like to be on your side, then it is a lesson well learned. Playing can be more than just fun!


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