July was mellow, August Will Roar!

Not much going on around the office these days. Been delivering print orders, and getting ready for some new marketing campaigns. I am down to a single keychain that needs delivery, and I am very excited to have finished my first round of print orders. Looking forward to the next batch. I guess the two biggest things that have transpired in the last weeks are the espionage proposal session and my partners family gathering.

My best friends boyfriend decided to propose a few weeks ago. He hired me to follow them around taking photos but didn’t want me to been seen as he wanted to keep the proposal a surprise for his soon to be fiance. There was a rush to get contracts signed and money collected, all without her knowledge. A flurry of text messages to bang out the details, a drive by of locations to scout out good hiding places and arranging for an assistant that my friend would not recognize. It was a whirlwind of fun right up until the actual photography started. My mark was late getting out of work and this translated to me crouching behind a small car on hot payment for almost 45 minutes! Then there was a rush to get on site of the big surprise before the limo, and get into place, all in the deepening twilight. We lost the light before the happy couple arrived and had to resort to flash photography.  It was a bit of a disappointment, but it was fun over all. I have some good images of the couple after the proposal and I learned much; if I’ll ever get to apply the knowledge is a mystery to me, but I hope so! And congratulations Calia and Geoff! (maybe I’ll do their wedding photos and I wont have to hide!)

The second opportunity I had to use my camera was for plain old fun. My partner’s family had a reunion of sorts and I brought my camera along to see what I could get. There were kids and adults- and a baby and puppy! I took many images, but with the large number of people moving around in a relatively confined space, I have lots of hands and bums! I did get some amazing photos of the puppy (Ranger, above) and some soft moments of baby and parents. And despite the weather forecast and clouds, it never did rain! All in all, a good day. And the food was great!

Looking ahead, here at Gaia Magick Photography, I see more creative sessions in the weeks and month to come. With school being a mere 5 weeks away, I’d like to get lots of the creative photography session plans out of my brain and into some images. I have a model coming to town, my favourite one, tomorrow so the magick will begin! I also have quite a number of collaberations in the works with some other businesses that I would like to see accomplished in the next month. Double exposures in a beautiful old graveyard, something with body painting, flapper and gangster take over cumberland, and a harliquin-esque session with my double. Just to name a few! Ahh, and somewhere in there I have 2 sleepover birthday parties to plan, a week long vacation on Hornby Island with one of my best friends, school shopping, and lots of swimming in the rivers and lakes that surround us on Vancouver Island. It is shaping up to be a wonderfully busy month!


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