Stunning Boudoir model Calia, office move, and June special

It’s almost June, only a month of school left for the kids. Yay! I’m probably more excited than they are, but I like to sleep in. So May is ending with a bang. During the May long weekend I did a wonderfully fabulous boudoir session with my long time friend Calia Gregory. You can see how gorgeous she is in the above photo. Sexy seductress! We had spent the whole day outside in the glorious sunshine, and subsequently had to deal with some serious sunburn lines during the session. Some photos worked better than others for erasing or subduing the impact of the sunburn. Despite the number of  hiccoughs we had during makeup and costume changes we had a wonderful time full of laughter. I have a few shots that didn’t turn out due to my model laughing too hard. Now that, to me, is a sign of success. Not bad for my first official boudoir session.

Second on my end of May announcements is my office move. Never fear, I didn’t go far! I just moved my desk from the busy, loud, and chaotic living room, to the spare room we have in the basement. I’m still trying to get everything unpacked, sorted and organized. It’ll be a wonderful space to work and meet clients in when I’m finished. This was one long process, it took me almost two weeks from the first box to the last piece of the desk being moved in. Whew! I’m hoping to have the office completely finished by Friday. Ooh, speaking of Friday, I’m sending in an order for prints of my beautiful model’s best photos to display on the office walls. I’m looking forward to having some sexy portraits displayed on my walls.

Last little note for this blog post is the June Special. Almost every month I”l be having a special promotion, event, give a way, or discount. Lots of little (and big) goodies to look forward to soon. The special for June is a $200 sessions and album package. The package includes a full photography session plus a 10 image album. Images can be chosen by you, or we can decide together, and you can also include quotes in your album at no additional charge. This is a $575 value. Contact me if you are on Vancouver Island and are interested in taking advantage of the June package special.


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