Ravishing Rachelle, Weekly Top Photos, and a New Website

As always Blogging has gotten pushed to the side. I have to stop doing this; is very unfortunate, as I always have something worth sharing. So let’s start with Rachelle’s Pin up session (previously unveiled photo above), then I’ll move on to the weekly top photos feature, the new website for Gaia Magick Photography, and finally what is coming up.

Rachelle is a lovely woman who enthusiastically answered my last call out for models to help expand my skill levels and portfolio. We had to reschedule our session once due to a costume malfunction, but the wait was well justified. We had a great time at our session despite some minor hiccups (I took my girls swimming and was a few minutes late. Whoops!). Once we got hair and make up and costume all figured out, Rachelle was stunning. This woman is the queen of sexy! We had a great session, we learned and laughed lots, and of course I had a lot of great shots for her to share with her friends.

Now that I am out of college for the summer, this means more time for me to spend on my photography. To help motivate myself and expand my skills I’ve decided to do a Top Photo of the Week feature on my Facebook page. This is a great way to ensure I’m using that camera at least once a week. While I have been managing this part, I’ll admit I’ve been a little lax on remembering to post the top photo on a regular basis. I’m trying to get on top of this, I swear!

Also new is the adddition of the Gaia Magick Photography website. I’m so excited to share this with you. I worked on this myself and for someone who isn’t all that tech savvy, I’m pretty happy with my results. And I’m learning yet another set of useful skills. You can take a look at the website here. I hope you take a look and let me know what you think!

In the stew pot for Gaia Magick Photography is legal stuff. I’m working on getting registered and licensed as a legitimate business and to start getting some clients. If you are in my area and interested in having some sexy portraits taken, keep checking this blog as I will be having some special discounts and events just for you, my lucky readers! Coming up this weekend, photo-wise, is a boudoir session with a good friend of mine, Calia. This will be quite the adventure as it will be my first boudoir session. I’m so glad I have daring friends willing to lone me their lovely selves for photography learning! A very BIG thank you to all my models who have helped me to expand my skills over the last 6 months.


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