Mary’s Birthday Portrait Session

Well I managed to get one pre-promised birthday photo shoot out of the way; on top of all the holiday celebrating we have been doing at my house! This is my daughter’s friend Mary. It took her a couple of costume changes to get into the swing of things and to start having fun (eight costume changes in all!), but once she did I got some great shots. In all, I think we had She got a DVD slideshow of the top 16 and I will be printing off her two favourites; once I get a printer working. Not a bad birthday present!

I had the joy of having one of my best friends, Skyla Sandiman, giving me a hand as clothing co-director, creative helper, and photo assistant. This is the second shoot I have done in my own make shift photo studio. I did some re-arranging and it worked out a million times better. Nobody tripping over power cords threatening to knock the light stands over!

I have an upcoming photo shoot with my favourite model: Courtenay Pozzolo! We’ll be doing the winter fairy queen inspired session in the next couple of weeks. Good thing I’m all caught up on my editing and posting!


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