My First Family Photo Session!

As I alluded to in the previous post, here is my big first. This photo is from my fist family portrait session with my friend Sonja and her crazy little boy Beven. This was a great, if short, photo session. Not only is Sonja one of my best friends, but this was a session that was for a gift for her lovely man for Christmas. We had lots of fun giggling and talking though the session, and to top it off this session was my first one in my own home-made studio. It was a tight fit, as the room we used is small and full of stuff. And the lights took up lots of space. I had my youngest little girl act as my photography assistant, which was fun, but kind of pointless! I have a few shots where you can see the reflector! Thank goodness for editing programs. I learned a lot from this shoot, most of it after the fact, of course.But every lesson learned, is a lesson worth learning. Well, short post today, as I need to get to printing photos for all the presents.

It’s now winter holidays, so with fingers crossed I will get some editing done and fit in some more sessions, yay! Fingers are crossed!
Have a great holiday season. Happy solstice from my family to yours!


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