It’s November, Wishing it was August Again

Hello All.
I did it! I managed to blog again with in the same month. Hooray!
So this photo is from one of the sessions I had this summer. I went to the beach with a friend thinking we would do a shoot of the kids playing on the beach, and ended up doing a beauty shoot of my friend Brandy, so that she would have some profile photos. It was a super fun shoot and I ended up with lots of great photos. With the snow on the ground outside it’s nice to look back at the photos I took this summer and remember the sunshine and the heat!
But the snow was pretty this morning before it started to melt into slush. I really wish I had had my camera! The trees were white, the sky was blue, and the clouds were pink. Very pretty, despite the cold! The sun may be shining today but it doesn’t have the heat behind it.
So here’s to looking at the sunshine on the snow, and wishing it was August!

Looking forward to a photo shoot tonight with a lovely model. The plan is a mother earth theme, but things never go as planned… so we’ll see how things turn out. A photo and blog post to come soon!


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