Sure is dark out there!

By: gaiaphotography

Jan 01 2010

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Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D90

Ah, the sun has set, the twilight has passed, and now it’s REALLY dark outside your windows (well, except for those street lights, right?). AND suddenly the creative bug bites you and you just have to take some photos. When indoors just isn’t cutting it any more, try heading outside and see what you can see through your camera lens! This of course will take lengthening your exposeure time, but hey, if you haven’t tried this before, it is great fun….providing you can stand really (and I do mean REALLY!) still, or you have a tripod or car window frame to rest your camera on!
The Christmas season makes a great time to take a walk in the dark and capture some pretty colours. Experiment with this and you’ll be suprised… I promise!

As I write this, the blue fullmoon is rising on New years eve, which reminds me of another focal point for night photography, the moon.

So get up, throw on a coat, and pop off that lens cap! And remember how much better that coffe or hot chocolate will taste when you get back inside and wait to see your new treasures!
Happy New Year Everybody! May the next year be filled with new photos that make your life filled with joy!


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